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Due to popular demand, we are now teaching Arabic calligraphy, available for participants in the UK and worldwide!

In this 4-session course, we begin with how to hold the pen correctly and finish with a beautiful decorative piece! (See the gallery below for some of the students' completed projects!)

In this 4 session course, students will cover a brief history of the most popular Arabic calligraphy scripts, before working on the Arabic alphabet in the Naskh script, learning how to join letters and write phrases, and in the final lesson, we make a decorative piece together with the names of the 25 prophets in Arabic.

A pack of worksheets and exemplars are emailed to you, and links for the pen, ink cartridges and paper are sent to you in advance in order to keep the costs for the course low. 

By the end of the course you will have:

- covered a brief history of the different scripts 

- learnt about the correct writing angle for Naskh script 

- learnt how to form the complete Arabic alphabet in their beginning, medial and end forms, as well as the harakaat (diacritical marks)

- practised joining the letters to write out phrases 

- created a beautiful final piece - for the level one course, this an A4 Arabic calligraphy circle with the names pf the prophets 

Schedule: We currently teach this as a four week course (one session per week) or a one week intensive (one session a day for four days), both with four 1-hour sessions 

Session 1: Introduction to the Arabic scripts, the 45 degree angle and forming the first group of letters 

Session 2: Forming the second group of letters 

Session 3: The remainder of the letters and all the letters on beginning, medial and end forms to write phrases 

Session 4: Final project piece

After each session we also set optional homework and practice prompts on the WhatsApp group with feedback to encourage practice in between lessons!


This class is exactly the same for participants in the UK and internationally and we have had groups with both! 

The course is £30 for 4 sessions and £15 for each additional sibling joining from the same Zoom call

Whilst students do not need to have any experience with English or Arabic calligraphy, students must be able to write the Arabic alphabet and join letters for normal Arabic writing

Arabic Calligraphy Online Courses : Bio

Notes from our discussion on coloured inks, shapes and forming letters and the correct writing angle!

Arabic Calligraphy Online Courses : Welcome


After completing the Arabic course, we also offer an additional Arabic calligraphy course focusing on project pieces in the Naskh and Thuluth scripts. This is also a four-session course and typically takes place over four days in the same week in the school holidays. See below for pictures of my students' work over both courses!

In this course we go over:

- shaped decorative blacksheets 

- short phrases

- long pieces of Arabic text 

- writing in shapes 

Arabic Calligraphy Online Courses : Text


Just some of the fantastic work  by my students over the two courses!

Arabic Calligraphy Online Courses : Gallery
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