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Our most popular course, available online now for participants in the UK and worldwide, taking brush lettering beginners to confident calligraphers in a range of styles in just 5 weeks!

In the 5 online lessons which make up this course, participants will start from the basic strokes all the way to confidently lettering on non-paper surfaces such as wood. A personalised kit including different types of brush pens and paper, place cards, envelopes and much more is sent to you through the post so you'll be ready to begin straight away! You'll never have to buy greeting cards again when your children are writing this beautifully!

Schedule: (although this is adjusted in accordance with the ages/ skill levels of each individual group)

Week 1: Basic strokes and alphabet

Week 2: Bounce lettering and connections

Week 3: Flourished calligraphy

Week 4: Fonts and lettering compositions

Week 5: Calligraphy on different surfaces


For participants in the UK:

The 5-week course is £55 per child (including the calligraphy kit), with an additional £30 per sibling joining from the same Zoom call for the calligraphy kit. 

For International participants:

I will send you all the links for the required pens and supplies and do my best to help you find appropriate and not-overpriced supplies near you! I will email you all the worksheets required and send you a personalised worksheet with the children's names.

The 5-week course is £30 per child, and an additional £15 per sibling joining from the same Zoom call - the lessons and teaching are exactly the same as for my UK students!

Online - Level 1: Bio

A personalised calligraphy kit with everything you need for the classes - including a brush pen, paint pen, cards, paper, envelopes, place cards and a name tag will be sent through the post so you have everything ready!

Online - Level 1: Welcome


Just some of the amazing work sent to me by my students over these 5 week courses!

Online - Level 1: Gallery
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