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A follow up to our Level 1 course, available for participants in the UK and worldwide!

In this course students enhance their  calligraphy skills by adding colour, watercolour and illustration!

In this 5 week course students will learn all about brightening their calligraphy with colour blending and watercolour. We experiment with the versatile methods of calligraphy with a brush and then build on decorating work with watercolour backgrounds, watercolour florals, line illustration and more.

A personalised kit including different types of brush pens and watercolour paper and card, a waterbrush, blending palette and more is sent to you through the post so you'll be ready to begin straight away! 

By the end of the course you will have created a selection of beautiful watercolour postcards, floral artwork, a watercolour journal page and more! 

Schedule: (although this is adjusted in accordance with the ages/ skill levels of each individual group)

Week 1: Introduction to calligraphy with a brush and watercolour blending

Week 2: Watercolour lettering 

Week 3: Watercolour backgrounds and postcards

Week 4: Watercolour florals and line illustration 

Week 5: Combining these skills to make a watercolour journal spread


For participants in the UK:

The 5-week course is £55 per child (including the calligraphy kit), with an additional £30 per sibling joining from the same Zoom call for the calligraphy kit. 

For International participants:

I will send you all the links for the required pens and supplies and do my best to help you find appropriate and reasonably-priced supplies near you! I will email you all the worksheets required. 

The 5-week course is £35 per child, and an additional £20 per sibling joining from the same Zoom call - the lessons and teaching are exactly the same as for my UK students!

Online - Level 2: Bio

A personalised calligraphy kit with everything you need for the classes - including coloured brush pens, a waterbrush, a personalised blending palette, watercolour paper, card and more!

Online - Level 2: Welcome


Just some of the amazing work sent to me by my students over the 5 week courses!

Online - Level 2: Gallery
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