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DIY Pretty Post using the March Rowan Berry Box! (#gifted)

A month ago I received the *beautiful* 'Goddess' themed Rowan Berry Box. If you didn't see my last post, it's a stationery subscription box by Under the Rowan Trees, with a fun different theme each month! This month we had International Women's Day on the 8th, so the Rowan Berry Box was focused on self-care and female empowerment!

This month has been quite busy for me with uni, which is why this post is a bit late, but we've also launched our 3k giveaway with two other lovely small businesses which you can see on our Instagram! (lots of lovely prizes including gourmet brownies, artwork, magnets, a personalised notebook and stickers!!)

This is what was in this month's lovely box:

The gorgeous March Rowan Berry Box!

- two beautiful gold pencils from This Girl is Mighty

- two shiny metallic washi tapes

- a grey posca pen

- a very pretty rose gold pen loop clip

- a lovely calendar page

- a foiled rose gold and grey postcard

- a beautiful foiled A5 notebook, full of motivational quotes! (you can now purchase it separately, and use Nusaybah10 for 10% off!)

It wasn't as much a DIY-themed box like last month's so it was a bit harder to come up with a tutorial this time, but it was really fun working with the beautiful colour scheme to make some cards and postcards that would be lovely to send to someone!

To make the card, I used the contents of the box (posca pen, washi tape, pencil) and a blank white card (which could be normal card/ paper just folded in half!)

  1. Draw two straight lines on the left of the card and then place a strip of washi tape over each line.

2. Then I sketched the lettering using one of the shiny new gold pencils I received in the box. Obviously you can do any phrase, but I did 'see you soon' as I thought it would be a nice message as we ease out of lockdown!

The lettering doesn't need to be fancy, just keep it simple, because in this card I wanted the washi to stand out :)

4. Then I went over all the lettering with the grey posca pen. I used the technique of 'fauxlligraphy' (or faux calligraphy), where you mimic the effect of brush lettering using a normal pen, by making the downstrokes of each letter thicker, just by colouring it in.

5. And I added a little heart at the bottom! You can see a video of the process on this Instagram post too!

After making my card, I also made a postcard in a very similar way, using the pretty metallic washi to make a border and using black card this time. I've made a video tutorial of that too, if you want to see the process a bit more in-depth! I love how many pretty things you can make using the items in this month's box!

I was quite inspired by the gold and grey/ black theme for the rest of the month as you may have seen on my Instagram...

This piece was to celebrate International Women's Day:

Empowered women empower women!

...and this one was to mark the new theme of the Rowan Berry Box - Message from Mars! It's still available here if you want to buy it before the first of April! I've received it and it's just as amazing as this one was and included a couple of things I had really wanted to buy for ages!

I hope this inspires you to make some pretty cards and postcards you can send to family and friends, or stick up on your walls as a reminder for yourself ❤

If you do make anything, I'd love to see it - you can tag me @crescentcalligraphy on Instagram or even email it to me and remember, you can use the code Nusaybah10 for 10% off all the beautiful stationery and art/ calligraphy/ journaling supplies Under the Rowan Trees offer!

P.S. - don't forget to enter our giveaway if you haven't yet! Prizes include gourmet brownies, stickers, magnets and prints and some Arabic calligraphy or a personalised notebook - it closes on Thursday :)

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