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February Rowan Berry Box Unboxing + Tutorial! (#gifted)

I have always LOVED stationery. So when the opportunity to become an ambassador for the Rowan Berry Box (a stationery subscription box!) by Under the Rowan Trees came up, I had to apply - and was successful!

Two weeks ago I received the beautiful February box with the theme 'mandalas' and look how many lovely things were inside!!

BEAUTIFUL colouring pencils and colouring book, mandala stencils, mandala affirmation cards, a micron fineliner, a pen, a pencil and a badge - so many lovely new stationery pieces!! (btw you can use Nusaybah10 at Under the Rowan Trees for all their amazing stationery)

I have to admit, I've never been very patient with fine details (if you've seen my Instagram page you've seen how fast I write - I really need to slow down) so was a bait worried about if I'd have the patience to use the stencils. Luckily I did and combined them with Ecoline brush pens (also available at Under the Rowan Trees) and made this: (see below for steps)

Here's everything you'll need:

- mandala stencils (or draw your own)

- micron pen or other black waterproof fineliner

- watercolour brush pens, like the ones by Ecoline

- watercolour paper - I used A5

- paintbrush (preferably a big one) and water

- a sheet of plastic, like a sandwich bag - roughly the same size as your piece of paper

- Tombow fudenosuke for lettering (optional)

It's super simple and can be done very quickly!

  1. Draw mandala design on watercolour paper. I taped down the stencil with washi tape so it didn't move too much

2. Scribble with Ecoline brush pens on your sheet of plastic

3. Paint over your drawing with water - no paint. Don't worry about the ink running, micron pens are waterproof

4. Press the sheet of plastic over the drawing, and push the ink around on it so it spreads. I've made a video here where you can see this

5. Lift off the plastic. Using the paintbrush, spread the ink to places where there may not be enough - you might not need to do this if your ink has spread well enough. It should look like the picture below

6. Optional - add some lettering!

This was a super quick and simple tutorial but I haven't done any like these on here before - if you have any questions feel free to comment or message me on Instagram!



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