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Making a personalised sketchbook, using the Eden Rowan Berry Box! (#gifted)

This beautiful box marks my last box as an Under the Rowan Trees Ambassador! It was a luxury special edition box, with so many beautiful things inside, all in the 'Eden' theme, with bright tropical plants set against a dark background!

This lovely box contained:

- a luxury washi tape set, with two beautiful botanical washi tapes

- a black A6 sketchbook

- a letter-writing set - some beautiful patterned papers and envelopes

- a sparkly black biro pen

- a gorgeous Coliro pan (shiny handmade - in 'Caribbean', a beautiful shade of turquoise!!)

- a paintbrush (perfect for lettering with!)

- a tropical keyring

This month we have been quite busy and excitingly, I am taking part in the Summer Creative Retreat, a FREE 10 day programme of art classes - I'll be teaching an intro to Arabic calligraphy, next Friday! There are classes on almost everything, from watercolour, to lettering, to digital art and SO much more - if you haven't signed up yet, go and do so!! It starts on Monday 2nd August. You can also purchase permanent access to the videos if that's something you're interested in - just check out the website here!!

For this month's tutorial, I decided to put almost everything together from the beautiful box, and decorate the scrapbook, inspired by some of the beautiful photos shared on the Facebook group, and I'll share how I did that:

1) Add your name or a short quote/ phrase to the front of your sketchbook.

I did this using the Coliro pan and the paintbrush, which is great for lettering. The same principles as lettering with a brush pen or nib apply - pressure on the downstrokes (so they are thick), and very little pressure on the upstrokes (so they are thin). Be sure to 'activate' (place a few drops of water and leave it for a few minutes!) the Coliro pan first. If you haven't lettered with a brush before, try lettering with some ink, not the Coliro pan first. Just practice some zig zags, and some up and downs strokes.

Check out this video to see how I lettered my name on my sketchbook!

2) Washi tape borders - Next, I cut out some of the shapes and plants from the paper and planned where I'd put them on the sketchbook.

Before sticking them down, I put down some strips of washi tape at the top and bottom of the sketchbook.

3) Adding shapes - I finished off by sticking the shapes I'd cut out onto the sketchbook, and that's done! This was super simple and quick, but I really like how it turned out, and it was fun to incorporate so many of the things from this month's lovely box!!

I hope you enjoyed that! If you haven't signed up to the Summer Creative Retreat yet, go and do so - it's going to be amazing!!

This box is still available for purchase and I want to say a huge thank you to Under the Rowan Trees for having me as an ambassador - I can't wait to see what the new ambassadors do!



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