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Our 2021 Eid Card Collection is Here!

If you've read about when we started Crescent Calligraphy, you'll know we first began selling Eid cards for charity in 2018, and we are so excited to share our fourth Eid collection with you this year!

Like the previous years, they are all for charity and are £3 each.

We've spent a few weeks designing these and are so excited to share them! They are completely handmade, with very single card hand done in a range of metallic inks. We decided to go with a luxury feel this year, all the cards are on beautiful thick card with lovely matching envelopes.

Customisation Options

Our designs this year are in both English and Arabic calligraphy, and have a few customisation options:

- navy, maroon (our most popular so far), ivory or kraft cards

- gold, silver, bronze or white ink

- Arabic or English calligraphy - Arabic is one style as pictured, and English can be copperplate calligraphy (maroon below) or modern calligraphy (the navy and kraft cards below)

How to Order:

- Over Instagram: DM us with the number of design/s you'd like and how many of each you want to order. Let us know- how many you want, the colour/s you'd like, what colour writing you want and whether you would like Arabic or English calligraphy

- Make the payment directly to our fundraising link and please put your name and 'Eid cards' in the reference. Let me know when that is done and we will start on your cards!

- You can also message or email us through the 'Contact' page, however replies will likely be quickest over Instagram!

As you can see, the metallic inks are shimmer beautifully in the sun!!

The maroon and gold combination is our favourite card! Judging by the orders we have received so far (thank you to everyone who has ordered already!!), it's not just us who love this combination (I am already ordering more maroon cards because they have nearly run out!). Rumaysaa said it reminds her of a wedding invitation, which I think is the perfect for the luxury feel we were going for!

Every card is handmade, to order, with stunning handmade metallic inks!

We can't wait to work on you card orders! We will post them a few weeks before Eid, unless we receive orders later than our initial posting date. Thank you to everyone who orders and shares our cards - it really helps us to fulfil our charity pledge - last year we raised around £100 and we would love to raise more this year!

Please DM or comment if you have any further questions or if you would like a completely custom card, with a different message/ design. We also sell a range of personalised notebooks and other gifts that you may like as Eid gifts! As always, we can also make a completely custom piece of artwork for you with Arabic or English calligraphy and watercolour!

We look forward to receiving your orders :)


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