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'Social Distancing' Ideas + our Week 1

Yesterday marked a week since we last went out, and the last week has been a very unusual week for us, with no school, work etc, or even going out to visit grandparents. That doesn't mean we've been bored!

As you've probably seen, there are a ton of free classes on the internet to do at the moment. Over the last week we've done lots of Brit & Co's classes by various artists and have tried quite a lot of new things, like illustration and acrylic landscape painting. I also brushed up on watercolour _ I've never taken a proper watercolour course before so really enjoyed Jenna Rainey's one. If you're reading this before the 31st March - Brit and Co's classes are still free!

These are some of the pieces we've done this week:

Every Tuesday we've also decided, whilst we are at home and have a lot more free time, we will be sharing a quick and easy tutorial. This week's was inspired by the floral line drawing class we took - you can find all our tutorials with #crescentcalligraphytutorials on Instagram. If you follow any of the tutorials don't forget to tag us @crescentcalligraphy so we can see your beautiful work and share it!

Next week Tuesday we'll be sharing how to use liquid watercolours for fun watercolour backgrounds, and on the blog there will be a tutorial with how to make your *own* liquid watercolours with things you very likely have at home (so no need to go out!) and it's also an upcycling/ recycling activity.

Since we're going to be at home for a while we've also decided to brighten up our room and make a gallery wall with our art work. We have so much of it stashed away in drawers and stuck in our scrapbooks, but thought it would be nice to have some up too! Here are some pictures of the gallery wall and 'reading corner' we are making - it's still a work in progress, but we will keep sharing progress on our stories, so keep an eye out. We might also make a tutorial on making a gallery wall based on how well this goes in our bedroom!

What are you doing to entertain yourself at home? Have you got any ideas for us? In the next few weeks I'm hoping to get a trial of Skillshare _ have you got any recommendations for Skillshare classes? Let us know in the comments and see you soon :)


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