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Unboxing the Honeybee Rowan Berry Box + DIY Bee-themed Bookmark! #gifted

Even though right now the weather is unfortunately not very summery (or even spring-like for that matter), this lovely summery Rowan Berry Box has gotten me excited for the warmer weather with the beautiful and bright bee theme!!

As always, it was jam-packed with lots of lovely stationery and even some seeds this time! Here's what was inside:

- 2x Stabilo fineliners (matching the yellow and hexagon theme!), one pink and one yellow

- Some very cute bee-themed sticky notes

- A happiness tracker pad

- A wooden bee coaster

- A stencil with lots of bee-themed shapes and patterns

- A pack of calendula seeds

- A set of square postcards with bee and honey inspired art

- A May calendar

- And my favourite - a sheet of beautiful bee and floral themed vinyl stickers!!

Some of these links below may be affiliate links, so I may earn a little bit if you use them (at no additional cost to you)! But they are all for products I use and love :)

I was a busier this month with exams, so Sumayyah and Safiyyah (and Zayd) made some pretty things with the box this month!!

bee themed handlettered bookmark

Sumayyah made this bookmark. You can see the video tutorial of how Sumayyah made it on Instagram, but here are the steps:

  1. Cut a strip of card for your bookmark. We used white card so the coloured fineliners are visible.

  2. Using the fineliners and the hexagon stencil, create overlapping patterns using different colours on the corners and edges of the bookmark. Sumayyah used a black fineliner too, for a bit more contrast.

  3. Write your name (or a short quote!) in the middle. Sumayyah used a Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen for this and then the black fineliner to add a bumblebee drifting off her name.

  4. Add a sticker/ some stickers!! I love the ones in this box and it looks so pretty on the bookmark!

After my exams finished I read the Beekeeper of Aleppo which I bought a few weeks ago to read after my exams finished and it went so nicely with the theme of this box! It was also an absolutely amazing book and I really enjoyed it - it taught me so much about what is happening in Syria and especially how difficult the refugee journey is. I'd heard about how refugees travel across Europe before of course, but only briefly. To read about the difficult journey in depth and read and follow one personal story was really good (I read it in less than 3 days!) - I'd highly recommend it, and I'm definitely going to find out more about refugees in the UK now.

A few days ago, for World Bee Day (I had no idea that was a thing!), Safiyyah also did some lettering using the box. Like Sumayyah, she used a Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen to add the lettering and the Pentel touch brush pens for the coloured calligraphy (use Nusaybah10 for 10% off at Under the Rowan Trees!), and the fineliners for the border, but did it more like a wreath. If you've seen our Instagram, you'll see how much I love the Pentel brush pens!!

Zayd had some fun with the sticky notes to. He really enjoyed doing some doodling with the pens and the stencils!

Like I said, my favourite items were the stickers - I put this pretty floral wreath sticker on my laptop!

And keeping with the nature theme, I posted a watercolour florals video tutorial yesterday! You can watch it on our Instagram page :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this! I've received my next box (the picnic one, you can still order it) and it's absolutely amazing!! It has some really cute stationery (and non-stationery) items, all with lovely picnic themed illustrations! And again, you can use Nusaybah10 for 10% off :)


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