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We are sisters Nusaybah, Rumaysaa, Sumayyah and Safiyyah of Crescent Calligraphy, a family-run calligraphy business in East London.

All four of us had always had an interest in pretty letters, playing around with different fonts for school projects and doodling. 

Two years ago, Sumayyah and Nusaybah attended an Arabic calligraphy course and learnt more about the beautiful art of calligraphy. When we ordered our first ever Pilot Pens for the course we did, we got a leaflet for Tombow and were amazed to see how a pen that looked like a felt tip could produce such beautiful writing. We ordered some Tombow fudenosukes and fell in love with brush pens!

That August we sold our first few Eid cards for charity (if you scroll right down to our Instagram you'll see them!) and in December we taught our first modern calligraphy workshops.  

Being able to give back has always been very important to us - for custom orders, a percentage of our profits is given to whichever charity pledge we are working on at the time. Our Eid cards are always sold for charity too, as that's why we first started selling our calligraphy!

Since then we have taught over 100 people at our small group workshops in London and online, created stationery for a number of weddings and events and done onsite calligraphy for Eid. We'd love to make you something special or share the beautiful art of calligraphy with you at one of our workshops in London, or online!

About Us: Welcome


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Hi, I'm Nusaybah! I was the one who got into modern calligraphy first almost three years ago and it's still my favourite thing to do! I've always loved drawing and fancy fonts, so calligraphy been so important for me alongside my full time studying as a form of relaxation, and I love to share my love of calligraphy with you all too - I currently teach all the modern calligraphy and Arabic calligraphy courses (which you can find out about here)

When I'm not doing calligraphy or studying history, I'm often baking, practicing Modern Arnis (a Filipino martial art), experimenting with watercolour or reading (probably a murder mystery novel)


Hello everyone! It's Rumaysaa 
I bullet journal, brush letter and paint with watercolours for lots of our custom watercolour orders. Apart from art, I love favourites are the His Dark Materials series, and the Poirot books. I also love watching murder mysteries, fantasy films (we recently started watching Stranger Things and we're loving it!) and the marvel movies 

You cabn see more of my art on my own Instagram page here  or order a custom watercolour piece by contacting us!

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Hello everyone 
I'm Sumayyah, and I do all the Arabic calligraphy for custom orders, having studied it for the past few years. I am experienced in Naskh, Kufic and Diwani scripts and have been practicing the Thuluth script especially over that last few months. I also love to practice English calligraphy in my own time! 

You can see more of my work on our Instagram page and our portfolio


Hello, I'm Safiyyah! I have learnt English calligraphy and I am learning copperplate and I have found it really fun!! I have also been learning 2 scripts of Arabic calligraphy (Naskh and Kufic). I've done a few classes on Skillshare and have been loving them!

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About Us: Team Members
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