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Perfect for a fun, creative and unique team activity, that works perfectly online and teaches everyone a fun new skill!

With many companies still online, fun corporate activities are more important than ever! We offer custom workshops, built for your company for a variety of events - from diversity and inclusion activities to celebrate Ramadan and Eid, to exciting and unique creative workshops, starting from just £12 per head!

Workshops are tailored to exactly how your company needs - you can choose the length of the workshop, any specific activities your company would like (for example, Eid-card making) and we will work together to determine a suitable date and time!

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A customised worksheet will be made for your workshop. If you choose to have personalised calligraphy kits for each participant (starting from £10 pp), these will include this worksheet, a professional-quality calligraphy pen, various types of calligraphy paper, cards and envelopes - enough supplies for both the workshop and to keep practising for a a while afterwards too!

If you choose not to have calligraphy kits sent to your employees, we will send you a list of links to the exact supplies we provide and will email all worksheets to you too!

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We can't wait to hold a workshop for you that you and your team will love, and will teach your team a fun new skill!

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