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Community Calligraphy + Family Calligraphy Workshop!

Last Saturday we had the amazing opportunity to attend a community event where thousands attended to display our work and teach calligraphy. We had a display of pens, stationery, our growing scrapbooks and of course, pieces of our work! Amidst the drummers, balloons and martial arts demonstrations, we had a huge range of people enjoying our mini workshops!

We taught the basics of calligraphy with drills and the alphabet, providing them with handy beginners sheets to take home. We also had bookmark making with everyone from children, parents, volunteers and even grandparents eagerly taking part!

The following day we had a family gathering and what better way to spend the time than teach them all calligraphy! It was a long awaited workshop and it was all smiles round the table as our grandparents came to join us. It was a wonderful evening with calligraphy drills, practice and then at the end some bookmark making with metallic brush pens! It was fantastic being able to compare their calligraphy from the start of the day till the end and we had loads of fun! (Our dad and uncle got a little competitive towards the end!)

Family's bookmarks! Our grandma lettering! Table of pens & sheets!



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